The promise of precision oncology

brought to life for patients

Our mission is to realize the promise of precision medicines to help patients with cancer lead better, longer lives.

Our novel therapies are designed to target cancer cells selectively, increasing clinical benefit while moving the field forward in areas with the highest unmet needs. Just as vital to our mission, we’re investigating our novel therapies in combination with standards of care, forging new paths to give patients a better chance for long-term durable remissions.

We Are Kura

Our Commitment

We discover and develop novel cancer therapeutics that seek to improve patient outcomes and enable more patients to benefit.

Our Course

Through our evolving understanding of the molecular processes that drive cancer, we’re pioneering new approaches to treat devastating diseases, including head and neck cancer, lung cancer and acute leukemias.

Our Culture

We are courageous, science-driven innovators who work as one to create new possibilities for patients.

Our Heroes

Patients and caregivers: You are the “why” behind the word we do every day. Access resources and learn more about our approach.

Kura In The News

Liquid Biopsies Guide the Development of Cancer Drugs

Liquid Biopsies Guide the Development of Cancer Drugs