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Treating cancer, one patient at a time

Kura Oncology is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company whose goal is to help people with cancer to lead better, longer lives. We believe that each person’s cancer is unique, so we strive to develop targeted therapies that take this into consideration. Currently, Kura Oncology does not have any medicines or products approved for use by any health authority.

You can help change how we treat cancer1

One important part of developing new therapies is investigating them through clinical trials. Trials help us to better understand how treatments work, how effective they are, and if there are any risks or side effects. In addition to gaining early access to a new, innovative therapy, taking part in a clinical trial means that you are contributing to advancing care—for yourself and the rest of the world. Your doctor will help you decide if taking part in a clinical trial is the right option for you.


1. National Cancer Institute. What Are Clinical Trials? Reviewed February 4, 2020. Accessed October 19, 2021.